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Regeneration & Renewal - January 2022

The energy is diminishing going inward, how are you feeling? The moon is waning getting smaller and on January 2nd the moon will conjunct the Sun in the sign of Capricorn. This New Moon is a turning point, it's the first New Moon of 2022, the first one after the solstice, and it holds a very special power of regeneration and renewal. This time of darkness gives us the space for inner search. To be quiet. Just to be. And maybe in this stillness and silence we can really allow the visions of the life that serves our highest self to come through and the awareness of what we need to change to empower us.

This new New Moon is in the star (of Purva Ashadha nakshatra) connected with Lord Ganesh (The elephant God, remover of obstacles) very auspicious placement for new beginnings, new ideas and projects. Also very connected with the element of water - flow and abundance.

So we will activate in the classes this month both on location and in zoom, the energy of renewal, regeneration & flow, removing obstacles, barriers that we create around ourselves preventing us from experience our true abundant nature.

Sat Nam, much love Ana x

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