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Image by Sean Oulashin

Kundalini Activation

AKA - Kundalini Activation
with Ana Alves Smyth

I have been initiated into my Spiritual Path for 20 years, after teaching Meditation and kundalini Yoga for 12 years, and being the eager student as much as a teacher, I more recently learned and started activating my Kundalini, this Life-force energy is full of potential and possibilities that I am so looking forward to activate within you if you feel the call.

What happens during a session?


I will create the energetic vortex, which it will open a portal where life force energy, kundalini energy will gather in a greater intensity.
When you surrender and open yourself, this potential energy will be activated in your system and you will be able to experience it on many levels.

The journey will be very personal and unique.

The depth of the experience will depend on the level of surrender and willingness to let go. It is vital that the work is approached from a

zero-point perspective and in a state of absolutely no expectations or goals.

A journey may be experienced on many levels simultaneously, it is a dance of energy within that can be manifested in many forms, from energetic sensations, through visions and spontaneous movements of the body. Emotional releases are very common too that’s the part of purification process, for some people the experience is pure bliss and liberation, a feeling of oneness and also tapping into higher stages of awareness.

This experience raises your vibration, purifies your system, helps you to release the stuck and stagnant energies, and aligns your energy centres and links your energy pathways.

It can be a deep opener to a new perception, and it can be a deep spiritual awakening.

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The beauty that comes with each release directly reflects our lives.
Our internal state always reflects our external reality.
Release of blockages from your system will create: a spaciness and increase of a natural flow of our vital force, more clarity, being more in control and less reactive to stressful situations, new broader perception, excitement to take aligned actions towards your dreams and goals, commitment and energy to keep on the selected path, more vitality, becoming more conscious about ourselves, others, the environment and the collective, connection to Source Energy/Spirit/Self, bliss and expansion of your consciousness, more compassion, kindness and a deeper understanding of life and others.
Depending on where you are on the journey, I will create a safe space without force but with allowance and acceptance of the innermost possibility. I will support the activation of your Life-force energy. Gradually, prepare your system for the awakening of your Kundalini energy. With fewer blockages in your system, the process can be softened, deeply blissful and very transformative. Kundalini Awakening will bring the possibility for your highest potential to manifest.

If you are seeking to dive deeper into understanding the true nature of this reality, I will support the expansion of your consciousness by working with Light and Grace, in the presence of Divine Force with reverence and depth.

Depending on what is needed.
I will create a safe container where the energies are amplified and, in that space, depending on what your system needs the most, your Life-force energy will be activated. Your Life-force energy will start moving through your energetic and physical body. That means that your energetic system will start the purification process using your own Life-force energy. That purification is a baseline for your further spiritual development.
The purification process is different for everyone but what we could expect is a release of all sorts of blockages such as: emotional blockages, traumas stored on the cellular level of our body, stagnant energies, subconsciously stored limited beliefs and patterns.


In-Person AKA

  • Group Session €50 each

  • Private 1:1 Session €180

  • Private 1:1 Session €180 + €50 for each additional person attending

Online AKA

  • Group Session €30 each

  • Private 1:1 Session €100

Discounts are applicable for packages.

Much love Ana x

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