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Stars Body & Sound

Astrology, Sound Healing & Kundalini Yoga Retreats

with Ana Alves Smyth & Marta Gato

Ana & Marta invite you for their first Program/ retreat together in a Journey of Self - Discovery Integration and Healing.
We are so happy to be working together and excited to merge in a very creative way, Astrology, Kundalini Yoga, Meditation and Sound Healing.
Our proposal for this Program has 3 PARTS.
- Astrology session (one to one with Marta Gato, the astrologer) with access to recording, receive powerful information for self-development, which energies are very present in your chart, which ones are absent, which ones are tools and which one present conflicts, right now in your life and for the year ahead.
- customized & personalized 21-day program designed by Ana and Marta for you to process and integrate the information. This 21 days is a program to be done at home that varies from person to person, that aims to integrate the information with technologies to support the physical, energetic and spiritual development.
PART III - TRANSCENDENCE (in person, two optional locations)
- culminating then with a weekend retreat 14, 15 & 16 of April 2023. followed by astrological reading & integrative process, creating a potential space for transcendence and freedom, using the ancient technologies of Sound healing, kundalini yoga, meditation & activations.
Portugal - April 14, 15 & 16
Meco, Lisbon
1 - Upon Booking your place for this retreat, the healing will begin straight away as we will schedule an online one-to-one Astrological Natal Chart reading with Marta - this will be recorded and sent to you (ideally all  bookings to be made until Dec. 31st)
2 - Marta & Ana will then come back to you with a 21 day personal program tailored for you. Please know that the intensity of the healing process is directly associated with your commitment. And that this is crucial for the Integration in this process.
3 - Finally at our retreat, we will Integrate and transcend the Information and the process and open up for the best version of ourselves.
Early Bird - Strictly for registrations before February 14th 2023
Double Bedroom, 2 people sharing - €630
Triple Bedroom - 3/4 people sharing - €590
After February 15th
Double Bedroom, 2 people sharing - €680
Triple Bedroom - 3/4 people sharing - €640
**no single rooms**
One to one Astrological online reading with Marta Gato 
Personalized program designed tailored for you by Marta and Ana to follow for 21 days prior to the weekend retreat.
2 nights stay, sharing accommodation
All meals (vegetarian and organic freshly prepared meals
Ana Alves Smyth - Kundalini Yoga & Meditation teacher, Sound Practioner & Energy Healer.

Marta Gato - Intuitive Healer and Astrologer.



Q: The retreat dates do not suit me to attend, can I still participate in the Program?

Yes, absolutely. The program will be designed differently and specifically for you, so in this case will also include tools for the transformation process.


Q: What is the price for PART I and PART II (excluding the retreat)

The price is €360 and can be booked throughout the year. (10% off for bookings made in 2022)

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