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Sacral Chakra

“How great are we with change? Are we really conscious and accepting of conditions mutating and quite rapidly around us? I am a student of Vedic studies of which Vedic astrology is one of my favourite subjects. I learned that the 8th house of my birth chart falls into Pisces so I have a very philosophical view on sudden changes and Yoga helped me to recognize my strengths and my beauty. My purpose for June is that we can continue to work (love) the chakra that helps us to set ourselves free, free from our perception of emotional attachment. So that we can act with neutrality and heart centred”.

Also, I am very excited that I have created an online Open Meditation Group where you are free to join in and invite friends. I'll be sharing different meditations from different traditions to support our individual growth and our community".

Read more about it in my latest newsletter.

Ana x

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CALMNESS - If you feel agitated, or overwhelmed with anger, frustration & guilt - or seeing obstacles everywhere. Maybe there’s too much Fire unbalanced in your body. This pranayama/ breathing technique is very cooling, connects with the energy of the moon, restorative, soothing & nourishing energies - allowing you to feel present and yet relaxed activating the parasympathetic state of the nervous system, great to do it in the evening time or before meditation.

CAUTIONS: avoid this technology if you have a cold or very low blood pressure.

Music by Ashanna.

Kundalini yoga practice.

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Are we allowing ourselves to see all the possibilities? Collectively and individually. In times of change, is very important to keep present that transmutation can take place, meaning; Transmutation gives the ability to recognize anything that has the possibility to change, and access the wisdom of that change.

Read more about it in my latest newsletter.

Ana x

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